Here’s Why You Should Work With Vado Med Tech

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You know the right talent is vital to propel business growth, but recruitment is an undeniable cost.

You need to be confident you’re investing your time and budget with the right people.

Here’s why Vado Med Tech are the strategic recruitment partners your business needs.

Hire the right people, faster

We’re a micro-niche recruitment consultancy, which makes recruiting in the high-demand, short-supply medical technology space dramatically easier and faster.

We don’t side-gig or dabble. Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and clinical roles in medical technology are all we’ve ever done – and all we’ll ever do.

That means you get recruitment partners who know the sector inside-out.

We have a network of 30,000 professionals in this space, so we can find you the right talent fast. And we understand the unique pressures you’re under, so we can manage candidates through the process more effectively.

From your perspective, that means you get the right people into the business, faster.

You’ll interview some 85% of the CVs we send you and make one hire for every three interviewees, for instance. The whole process will take an average of 26 days for permanent hires, and 4 days for freelance or contract talent. That’s exceptionally good going in the Med Tech space.

Increase your talent pool dramatically

Many medical technology professionals have been working closely with us for years, throughout their whole career journey. We have developed robust and long-term relationships – and that’s why 55% of our candidates trust us to represent them exclusively.

That’s a huge chunk of the market you don’t get access to, unless you’re working with us.

When there are over 2500 regulatory affairs job openings in the US and Europe and less than 500 qualified, actively-looking people to fill them, that’s a big deal. Ratios like that mean some 80% of regulatory affairs roles never get filled, if you’re relying on active candidates.

Rely on our network instead.

Use our unique portal to make recruitment easier and faster

Recruitment can be painful when poorly executed. We’ve invested in advanced web technology to give you a portal to interact with our network of pre-qualified, active candidates directly…you can even access it directly from your phone!

Imagine a hyper-tailored LinkedIn but exclusively filled with Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and clinical people in Med Tech who’re all pre-qualified, pre-interviewed and definitely looking for a role.

It makes recruitment as simple as choosing who you’re interested in and scheduling interviews. Which shortens your hiring cycle dramatically and optimises the candidate experience.

This platform has helped us enable some of the most aggressive recruitment campaigns in the world seamlessly.

Avoid bidding wars that drive up salary

It’s the truth of the market that salaries are inflating rapidly. RAPS found regulatory affairs salaries increased by 4.7% in 2016 to 2017, for example.

You won’t hire successfully unless you make a market competitive salary offer – that’s the truth. But bidding wars don’t help.

We minimise the risk of bidding wars by offering our exclusive candidates on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you’re working with us, you can choose candidates to interview through our unique portal – and once they’re in-process with you, we won’t share them with any other potential employers.

So you can make fair decisions – and a fair salary offer – without undue competitive pressure. That’s why 91% of offers our candidates get, they accept.

Protect and optimise your employer brand

The medical technology sector battles extreme skills shortages – which means you face intense competition for good people. Being proactive about promoting and protecting your employer brand is absolutely critical to win over prospective candidates.

And that’s what we’re really good at. We curate your story to sell to potential talent and ensure every single candidate wants to work with you – whether they are successful, or not.

We work with many of the best employers in the industry – and we make sure candidates understand the beautiful, brilliant nuances of the businesses we work with.

The upshot:

Recruitment in this space is becoming harder than ever and hiring the right people even more business-critical (have you read our guide on the implications of MDR and IVDR for recruitment yet?).

Recruitment consultants are sometimes seen as a necessary evil but in today’s medical technology landscape, great recruiters are worth their weight in gold. And the bottom line is, we’ve worked exceptionally hard to become great recruitment partners.

That’s why we have long-term strategic recruitment partnerships with many of the industry’s biggest names, helping them grow teams, spot-fill unexpected resource gaps and plan for the future.

If that’s a relationship you’re looking for too, we’d love to chat.

[email protected] +44 118 428 4228

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